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Environment Safety Consulting

The service includes environment safety related research, assessment and the components of regulatory compliance audit. Business entities can plan and design projects based on the specialized environment safety researches, they can use systemic approaches both at the construction and operational stages.



Environmental Impact Assessment

• Identification and examination of potential impacts on natural and social environment from the planned business activities
• Assessment of significant potential impact on the environment while performing the planned business activities
• Preparation of Scope Report
• Preparation and presentation of EIA report for review
• Post activity analysis
• Preparation of EIA screening application

Environment Safety Audit/ Business Activity Analysis

• Monitoring the terms defined by environment safety regulation
• Monitoring extenuating circumstances
• Environmental Impact Analysis due to business activity
• Assessment of changes in environmental characteristics

Environment Safety Management and Rehabilitation Solutions

• Monitoring the ecological impacts caused by large industrial companies’ activities and studying compliance to the terms defined by permits
• Finding solutions to reduce the pollution scale
• Defining optimal solutions for recultivation and rehabilitation during the business activity closure

Regulatory and Legislative Compliance

Environment Safety monitoring and reporting to state agencies.
Searching for solutions to reducing or compensating for the potential impacts from construction, both in construction and operational phases.

Waste Management

• Waste description and audit
• Waste management plans for all types of industrial sites
• Waste management policy and regulations for companies, formulation and implementation
• Strategic planning for new waste objects: creating the business model, designing technologies, reviewing alternatives, assessing the impact
• Recycle and waste disposal means, design and assessment

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