Mining in Georgia

Benefits of Mining in Georgia

Diverse mining-geological base
Access to primary geological information
Simplified business processes
Minimum down payment
Transparent auction system
Access to state property necessary for recycling
Access to the transport hubs

General Mining Cycle in Georgia



Licenses are award- ed through Open Auction Procedures


The initial auction price for explora- tion activities is GEL 50 (20 USD) per hectare;
Licensing area is multiplied by GEL 50.
In case calculated price is less than GEL 10,000, auction price is still set as GEL 10.000.

Up to 5 years

Reserves Approval

Estimation of mineral resources should be done according to JORC Code, which must be approved by the relevant commission. After approval, license holder will pay one term fee to Commission for approving reserves

Within 3 months


Terms might vary according to miner- al types
The exploitation term includes exploration term as well
After approval of reserves, exploita- tion plan must be submitted to the Agency
Based on exploita- tion plan, fixed royalty and regula- tion fee will be paid

Up to 40 years

Mine Closure

Reclamations must be done according to Mine Closure Plan;
Defined licensing conditions should be fulfilled

End of the license
Exploration/exploitation license can be issued up to 45 years;
Regulation fee per gram for Gold is 0.56 USD; per ton for Copper 47.63 USD
Fixed royalty per gram for Gold is 1.12 USD; per ton for Copper 95.37 USD

Performance of Georgia in Mineral’s sector

Mineral Resources share in Georgia's total export 2019) (Excluding reexport)
FDI Flow in Mining Industry,
2016-2019 (USD, Thousands)
Georgia's Top Export Destination Countries,
2018 (USD, mln)
Top exporting mineral resource products in Georgia (2019)
Source: Geostat, OEC World